Site Promotion is Simple

Lets start with some basic things that you can do to promote your site. This is not a site promotion list to end all lists. This list is designed to help you get off to a good start in promoting the product or service that your site is about. This will establish a good base that you can build on. The thing to remember is that you are building an oak tree grove not a field of grass. This will take time, effort and patience.

Ok so your site is built, you have started adding content and now what. The first and easiest step is to submit your site to website directories. There are many free website directories on the internet that you will be able to use. Simply search for them on the internet and you will find hundreds. Download the Google toolbar tool that shows page rank. The higher the page rank of the directory the better. You may not be able to submit to the better ones initially. Save them in your bookmarks and return later as the page rank of your blog increases. Be aware of the requirements of the blog. Things like appearance, time the blog has been in existence, page rank etc are some examples of things that are important.

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Next you can make submissions to free article sites. These are site promotion sites that are a repository of free articles. There is an article titled Top 25 Article Directories and Free Content Sites Ranked by Alexa and PageRank that is a good resource for these types of site promotion sites. This will give you experience writing and will put your name and site on the internet. Both of these things will become more valuable to you over time.

Site Promotion Search Engine Synergy

Search engines are the life blood of your site promotion campaign. The more the search engines see you the more traffic your site is going to have. The more traffic you site has the more potential revenue you have. The design of your site will determine how well you are seen using on-page search engine optimization. The more relevant content your site has the better. The fresher the content the more your site will be seen. Dont be afraid to add content and consider fresh content a site promotion methiod. You also want to keep you content in as tight a range as possible. If you site is about travel, limit the number of articles about cooking or buying a new automobile.

Make sure and choose the correct site promotion keywords for your articles. This is called keyword optimization. This will help the search engines assign your site to the correct topic. This will make sure the visitors you receive are looking for your product or service. Each time you add content, take the time to think about what tags you assign to your posts to assist in best practice site promotion.

You can also pay for ads in search engines. This is called Pay Per Click or PPC. This is another way to get to the top of the search engines. This will require the type of budget that most people don't have. They are not able to commit the type of resources that it will take to accomplish this. It is an option that does work however, particularly when you are just starting a site promotion campaign.

These are just a few basic site promotion tips that will help you improve your site or blog. Take the time to learn more by watching videos and reading articles that you find on other sites. Look at the page rank of the site that contains the information. This can be a guide as to the quality of the information.

Site promotion can be simple and fun and can bring you clients and leads if done properly. Contact Power Site Promotion anytime for answers or help with your site promotion campaign.

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