Theft, Fraud and Shoplifting Defence Lawyers in Toronto

Experienced Financial Crime Defence Lawyers in Toronto helping First Offenders charged with Theft or Fraud Under $5,000 Avoid a Criminal Record.

We have successfully defended a range of industry professionals, including Real Estate Agents, Teachers, Nurses, Pharmacists, Investment Bankers, Students, Hospital Staff, Architects and other Bay Street Professionals charged with Theft Under $5,000. The Firm has even successfully defended Paralegals who have been charged as well as internal staff employed by the Law Society of Upper Canada facing allegations of Theft Under $5,000. We regularly defend First Offenders and have successfully defended, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Hospital Employees, Accountants/CPA’s/CFA’s, Nurses, Employees of nearly all major Canadian Banks, City of Toronto Employees and other Government workers, University Students, Immigration Applicants’ and many other professionals charged with Theft and Fraud related allegations, including Thefts from work.

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We defend people charged with Theft Under $5,000 from Winners, Canadian Tire, Wholefoods, Loblaws, Home Depot, Sephora, The Bay, Holt Renfrew, Shoppers Drug Mart, Yorkdale Mall Retailers, Eaton Centre Merchants and many other local businesses. We also regularly defend employees of retailers charged with committing internal Thefts from their employers.

The Firm regularly represents New Canadians, specifically, international students, Canadian Visa Applicants, Permanent Residency Applicants or other Professionals who may be unfamiliar with Canadian Laws. The Firm has also worked with a number of ethnic communities in Toronto with specific immigration and travel concerns to the United States of America. The Firm advises its clients on the Canadian Citizenship and Permanent Residency Applications, U.S. Travel and the Destruction of Police Records for those charged with Theft, Fraud and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime. If you are in the process of immigrating to Canada, full disclosure of the offence will be required at some point in time, irrespective of the outcome.

We defend charges of Theft or Fraud Under $5,000 in Toronto Courts, specifically we actively defend people charged at Old City Hall, College Park, Scarborough Court, Metro North (1000 Finch Ave. W.) and Metro West (2201 Finch Ave. W.). When deciding which Law Firm is right for you, it is always best to hire someone with local experience in the specific Courthouse your are charged.

Our experience defending Theft Under $5,000 ranges from thefts as low as 10 cents and up to sophisticated $60,000.00 schemes. We have even successfully withdrawn charges of Theft and Fraud Under $5,000 by internal staff employed by BMO and other Canadian Banks who have been charged with robbing the bank on the job in our new R. v. G.G. [2014]. The Firm has handled a number of High Profile Theft and Fraud allegations in Toronto, it recently secured a Withdrawal of eight (8) Theft and Fraud Under $5,000 Charges in its R. v. K.L [2014], including Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence for a Target Canada and Staples Shoplifting Ring. The Firm has also been consulted for Fraud related allegations up to $4 Million Dollars, including a recent TTC Insurance Scheme. In its R. v. J.A. [2016], the Firm secured a withdrawal of three Theft, Attempt Theft and Fraud related Charges against the accused who was allegedly involved in an internal employer-employee Theft Ring at the Blue Jays store during post-season where $3000.00 in merchandise went missing.

In March 2016, the Firm resolved a $1,500 Fraud and Theft Under $5,000 allegation from The Bay, without a Criminal Conviction. A financial district Bay Street employee was charged with Theft and Fraud and apprehended by undercover security in the menswear department in its R. v. C.T. [2016].  The Firm further secured a withdrawal of nine (9) charges of Theft and Fraud from The Bay after a year of litigation in its R. v. G.E. [2016]. In January, 2017, the Firm resolve a $50,000.00 allegation of Fraud from the Bank of Nova Scotia without a criminal record, where a Canada Post employee was charged, in its R. v. S.A. [2017].

We represent a number of people who are scared, embarrassed and feel helpless when being faced with criminal charges of Theft or Fraud Under $5,000. Our priority is to ensure you future is protected and that your matter is resolved confidentially without a criminal record. Many of our clients have worked hard to obtain an education and meaningful employment, let us work hard for you to protect that investment.

How do I Handle Being Charged with Theft Under $5,000 with my Employer?

Nearly all our clients seek advice on how to conceal an allegations of Theft Under $5,000 from their employer or school. A number of industries are highly regulated including those employed by Teaches, Hospital staff and people providing Financial Services.

Our service includes providing legal advice on how to deal with employers, including how to resolve your matter efficiently, reducing the probability of detection. It is essential your charge be resolved appropriately to avoid a criminal conviction and destroy your Finger Prints and Photos obtained by Toronto Police.


Does Being Charged with Theft Under $5,000 affect my Immigration Status?

A number of our clients are either Permanent Residents or other newcomers in the process of obtaining Canadian Citizenship. Part of Canada’s Immigration process requires a background check or criminal clearance certificates.

Having a conviction of Theft or Fraud Under $5,000 will likely adversely impact any ongoing immigration application(s).

Our service includes providing specialized advice to resolve your matter efficiently and mitigate any collateral damage to the immigration application(s).


What About My Fingerprints and Photos taken by Toronto Police?

Nearly everyone charged by Toronto Police is required to provide fingerprints and photos. This material is retained by the Police and ultimately forms part of your history with the Criminal Justice System.

Our service includes specialized advice on the appropriate court procedure(s) to best resolve your charge without a criminal record and destroy your fingerprints and photos.


What Types of Cases Have you Handled Before?

Our Toronto Theft Lawyers have defended professionals charged with Theft Under $5,000 for offences as low as 10 cents to as high as $60,000.00. We have dealt with students stealing a single condom from Shoppers Drug Mart to sophisticated internal Fraud and Theft rings at HomeSense, Target Canada and BMO bank.

In our R. v. A.N. [2013] the Criminal Law Team secured a withdrawal of a $56,000.00 RBC Fraud allegation. Recently, we resolved an internal Target Canada employee Theft ring without a criminal record in our R. v. N.B. [2015]. We further resolved our $60,000.00 HomeSense employee Theft Ring without a criminal conviction to both parties, one of whom was a Teacher and the other Hospital Staff.

In January, 2017, the Firm resolve a $50,000.00 allegation of Fraud from the Bank of Nova Scotia without a criminal record, where a Canada Post employee was charged, in its R. v. S.A. [2017].


How Many Cases are Resolved Without a Criminal Record?

For those clients who are charged with a single count of Fraud or Theft Under $5,000 and are first offenders, 99% of all our cases are resolved without a Criminal Record. When deciding which lawyer is right for you, it is important to always remember that no lawyer can guarantee any outcome and that past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance, each case is unique and handled with its own approach.


Which Courthouses Do You Practice?

Our Firm specializes in defending people charged in Toronto Courthouses, specifically we defend people charged at Old City Hall, College Park, Metro West, Metro North and Scarborough Court. Hiring a lawyer that practices in your specific courthouse is critical to ensuring the best outcome. A lawyer with local experience will have experience working with Crown Attorney’s and ensure the case is handled efficiently.


What Exactly is Theft?

The Criminal Code indicates that a person commits a theft when she or he fraudulently and without colour of risk takes or fraudulently and without colour of right converts to his use of another person, anything with intent. Essentially, the Crown must prove a person took or converted property without permissions and without good faith belief and that the person intended to do so.


How Does Theft Differ from Fraud?

Fraud differs from Theft because it requires an additional element of intent. A person alleged to have committed a Fraud intends to hide his or her unlawful act. In contacts, a person alleged to have committed Theft, generally does not have the intention to conceal a guilty act.

Being charged with Fraud Under $5,000 is an aggravating factor and typically includes higher penalties.


Is There a Difference Between Theft and Shoplifting?

Shoplifting is not a specific enumerated offence in the Criminal Code, conversely, it is a specific type of Theft allegation. Shoplifting typically arises when there is a charge of Theft Under $5,000 from a retail merchant such as The Bay, Sephora, Winners, Wholefoods or another retail merchant.


Are There Penalties for a Charge of Theft Under $5,000?

Depending on the nature of the offence and whether an individual has aggravating factors, such as multiple counts of Theft Under $5,000 or other charges such as Fraud Under $5,000, a conviction of Theft over $5,000 can result in a penalty of ten years imprisonment.

Generally, few offenders will receive a term of incarceration as a sentence, however, a criminal conviction often ensues where there are aggravating factors.


What Happens If I Have Receive a Criminal Record for Theft Under $5,000?

  • Employment Consequences: In the event you receive a conviction for Theft Under $5,000, you can expect profound employment consequences. In the event you are not terminated, you will have a significant barrier to finding new employment. The majority of new employers will seek a Criminal Record Clearance or equivalent background check. If you have obtained a College Diploma or University Degree, a conviction of Theft Under $5,000, will likely overshadow this achievement.
  • Immigration Consequences: A Criminal Record for Theft Under $5,000 will likely frustrate any ongoing immigration proceeding or application(s), including those for Permanent Residency and Citizenship. Unless your case is handled properly, it is highly likely a criminal conviction will seriously impede any Canadian immigration endeavors.
  • Travel Consequences: A Criminal Record for Theft Under $5000 will seriously impede any travel desires to the United States or other foreign countries. Our office specializes with admissions to the United States, including U.S. Waivers for those convicted of serious criminal offences, including Drugs and Sex Offences.

U.S. Authorities often will deny access to their jurisdiction for crimes such as Theft and Fraud. Unfortunately, you will only discover your inability to access at the American Boarder, after purchasing flight tickets or other modes of transportation.


Can I Resolve My Case Secretly?

The Criminal Law Team specializes in resolving charges of Theft Under $5000 efficiently and confidentially. We provide legal advice on how to resolve your matter without your employer, friends or family discovering.

We specialize in resolving charges of Theft Under $5,000 without a Criminal Record. Our objective is to protect your future and the investments you have made in it.