Employee motivation

Employee motivation begins with trust. Most of all in the work environment and it begins with; Importance of trust in Management.

The importance of trust in management by employees can not be stressed enough as being absolutely essential for the (success or failure) for all motivational efforts. Without trust in management, all organizational efforts to motivate employees for improved performance is suspect. The presence of trust gives Management credibility when asking for more productivity from employees.

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To lead others well, we must help them to reach their potential. That means being on their side, encouraging them, giving them power, and helping them to succeed. That's not traditionally what we're taught about leadership. Do you remember the two leadership games we we're taught as kids? Well here they are.

King of the Hill & Follow the Leader. What was the object of King of the Hill? To knock other people down so that you can be the leader. And what's the point in Following the Leader? You do things you know followers can't do to separate yourself from them and make yourself look more powerful. The problem with those games is that to win, you have to make all of the other people lose. The games are based on insecurity and are opposite of the way to raise up leaders. Which is the key-point.

As HR Managers or GM's. We have to look at the double bottom line. (1.), We have to motivate employees to do there absolute best because they are happy to do their jobs, with-out casting this fear of they have to, or an attitude of; I will do what ever and then go home. (2.), And then investor's profit margin.

The truth is that empowerment is powerfulnot only for the person being developed but also for the mentor. Enlarging others makes you larger. So and empowered work force is an strong productive environment and organization.

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