Marketing with a blog

How To Use a Blog As An Online Marketing Tool

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What is a blog? A blog is a kind of web page that is usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other subject matter comparable to graphics or video. A blog can be used from everything from a site to express you own personal opinions to posting articles to even establishing an online business. When making entries to a Blog they are most usually displayed in reverse-chronological order.

Quality content

Always try to Submit information that has relevancy to your viewers. Keep the information interesting to keep the vistors attention. Mix up the content a bit to keep the visitors interested in the different information you submit. Videos are a great way to submit information that grabs peoples attention. People are very visual in nature and enjoy watching something vs. always reading something.

Establishing trust

An important part of any blog is establishing a sense of trust with your readers. By visitors having trust in you it will encourage them to visit your site more often when you submit new content. When people keep coming back to your site they will be more often to accept recommendations from you. When people will accept recommendations from you they will be more likely to buy products and services that you recommend because they now trust you.

Redirect traffic back to your blog

Think of your blog as a central distribution hub. Have your blog submissions go out to all your social media groups you belong to.By having your submissions going out to various sites you increase your audience and thus increase the amount of people that will re-direct and visit your blog. By increasing the visibility of your blog site to more venues you develop more backlinks (re-directs) to your site which then increases it's ranking on the search engines. All of this visibility of your blog snowballs the effect it has because as more people visit your site, your site increases it's rank on the search engines which then means more people will see it as they search on the search engines .

More people visit site = Higher rankings = More people visiting site = More people visiting to take advantage of the products and services you provide.


A blog can be a very powerful tool of your marketing strategy. By developing a following and garnering the trust of your viewers you can drive significant traffic to your sight. This gives you the opportunity to advertise products and services you provide to a world-wide audience. By building a positive relationship with your visitors you will gain the trust of them and they are more often to return to your site, even recommend your site to their friends. A blog can be a very powerful tool in your online marketing strategy for your home based business if done correctly.

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