The code itself will be reviewed...

The code itself will be reviewed and amended to include certain provisions regarding the prohibitions of households living along riverbanks, canals & creeks; and penalties for throwing garbage in these places as it pollutes the water thereby killing the fishes and, clogging the free flow of water.

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Crime prevention is basically the major concern of the police. However it will be a good idea to involve the community in crime prevention and especially in reporting. At present our people in the community are afraid to report incidents taking place for fear of reprisal. There should be a thorough information dissemination on the rights and responsibilities of the citizens to be involve in reporting incidents with the police protecting their identities.


I will make sure that the Investment Code of Cotabato City shall be reviewed by the Sanggunian and the executive department with the department heads concerned to look into the provisions on incentives to the investors as well as the tax holidays they will enjoy. To attract investors we need to implement a leveling of the amount of investments so that the bigger the investment, the more benefits the investors will enjoy. Also we have to provide a climate of peace which is very basic because that is one standard of measure that an investor will look into - the peace & order condition, population and other amenities the city can provide. The business sector will be consulted extensively in amending the Investment Code.


I think there is a need to increase the budget for social services so that it can adequately respond to the need of the marginalized sectors. The OSWDS should provide intervention on livelihood development either by having tie-ups with DTI, TESDA and other training institutions. After having been identified as skillful in a chosen activity by these offices, a fund shall also be set aside for an initial capital for beneficiaries to be repaid in installments for a certain number of years.


In the formulation of local legislation, the citizens shall be involved in a consultative com dialogue forum. This practice will ensure transparency in our laws.Government officials & employees are accountable to the public in the delivery of services hence I will work for the passage of an ordinance on anti-red tape in government.


Atty. Anwar Malang is one of the young and more outspoken councilors of Cotabato City. He finished his Bachelor of Laws from Notre Dame University and passed the Bar in 1995. He is married to Melindi Banas Malang, a nurse, with whom he has two children. Atty. Malang shares his views on the important issues of the city and what he intends to do if elected as vice mayor:


The ultimate solution to our problem on garbage and sanitation is zero waste management system. To attain this, I propose to pass a simplified easy to understand Solid Waste Management Code which will contain:

1. Segregation of Solid Waste

2. Provision of Material Recovery Facilities in every barangay- and there will be 1 city-central MRF (MRF)

3. Stiff penalty-for non doers and incentives for the doers

Activities which I hope to initiate are to include-massive communication campaign targeting behavior change of communities on sanitation and waste management. This is to include campaign on ecological awareness- the relationship of garbage problem to ecology and it's effects. There should be segregation of waste/MRF not only at barangay level, up to city level, where acceptance of recyclable and non-biodegradable items can be processed or be bought and sold. There should also be appropriate funds for an alternative dumpsite.

In addition, I will work for the passage of an Ordinance on City Environmental Protection Code which includes:

1. Protection of Coastal Resources

2. Revival and protection of rivers and reverines of the city

3. Protection of Timako hill and the City Cave

4. Joint protection of watershed areas

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