How To Succeed In Being A Work At Home Mom

A lot of professional women these days want to become a work at home mom . Its not just the basic levels who do clerical or freelance work such as virtual assistants, graphic designers, translators, or copywriters. Positions such as chief executive officers and organization directors are becoming more open to telecommuting arrangements. Technology has freed former office-bound tasks such as team coordination, documentation, and meetings from the four walls of the building, and decision-makers can make those important choices within their respective homes.

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Thanks to online tools like chats and instant messengers, professionals and mothers can interface with their clients without leaving their residence, making her dual responsibilities towards work and home easier to fulfill for a work at home mom . Human resource managers can do face-to-face interviews with applicants, review their exams, and make the necessary recommendations to their employers. Sales account directors can liaise with their clients through the net and can even pitch their products and services real-time. And probably the most surprising employment trend of all, organizations and their board of directors are willing to hire chief executive officers (CEOs) and directors who telecommute.

A work at home mom work space and home space

Communications, constant interaction, and an extremely high level of responsibility make this kind of arrangement possible. To succeed and keep her job and/or those clients coming in, awork at home mommust have extraordinary discipline, the ability to multi-task, and handle multiple points of stress at all times.

First of all, a work at home mom must create a viable working space that can separate her two worlds and yet link them together simultaneously. Nothing is as disconcerting to a client or a boss as a toddlers voice screaming for his milk. Your office space is yours. All your office equipment and files are in it. Your time with your client is sacred. Your kids playground is the living room, their bedroom, and every other space outside your office. At the same time, the trick here is to keep an eye out for your kids while you are working. Your door must be open at all times, so you can monitor them, even if they are keeping quiet.

Second, ask for help in handling your kids. To ensure that your kids needs are being met while ensuring that they do not distract you during your work hours, hire a babysitter or a nanny to look after them. Another strategy that a work at home mom can do is ask others in the same situation to pool funds for a common caretaker to watch over their kids in a common venue in a common time. Then of course, you can always ask your partner husband, spouse or father of the kids to help you carry the burden and take turns in watching over them while you are closing a deal with a client.

Third, if possible, as a work at home mom, synchronize the scheduling of your appointments with specific family-oriented hours such as naptime. For example, your young children are in school from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.; those can be your most productive hours in managing teams and writing reports. Or your toddler sleeps from 2 to 4 p.m.; that may be your ideal time to hold your virtual class in English fluency for your Korean student.

A work at home mom flexibility and honesty

Fourth, a work at home mom must be creative in creating special schedules for her kids that will keep them occupied. You can do this with the help of your babysitter or spouse. Set a specific play time that will keep them excited and immersed and away from your work place for two to three hours. Bring in toys that will get their attention and which they will find hard to put down. It might do all of you good in the long run if you create for your kids their own play space, a haven of entertainment that will keep them too busy to even think of waddling over into your work space.

Fifth, a work at home mom must be flexible enough to accommodate and respond to solutions. No matter how well you plan or how tightly you arrange your schedules, an emergency can still compel your little one to break your boundaries and run to you in the middle of a client call. Do not let anger in, but do act fast. Ask your client for a few minutes off while you address the problem or call the babysitter in. Push the mute button to prevent your client from hearing the noise.

Finally, honesty is still the best policy. From the start of negotiations, be upfront with your boss or client about your home arrangements while assuring them that you can meet deadlines. While not granting you any excuses, at least they will have a more thorough understanding of your situation as a work at home mom especially when emergencies happen.


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